Apartment – House: An Apartment Renovation into A Single-Family House

Apartment House 2

It is a renovation project of a typical two-story apartment-house into a single-family house. Completed by Kochi Architect’s Studio in 2014, Apartment – House offers a 177 m² living space in Japan that is comfortable for the family and suitable for their budget.



Apartment House 2

Apartment House 3

Originally, the apartment was used as a typical two-story apartment-house with eight small rental units. Sits in the suburban area of Tokyo, the architect renovates this apartment into a single-family house instead of demolishing it.

More than half of the old apartment units were empty, that’s why the owner wanted to demolish it then build a new house for them and their two girls at the beginning of the project brief.



Apartment House 4

Apartment House 5

Instead of demolishing, the architect renovates the existing building into a single-family house according to the owner’s budget. If the architect builds a new house, the clients only can gain the half area of this existing building which surely doesn’t benefit them at all.


Apartment – House Gallery


Photographers: Daici Ano, Kazuyasu Kochi

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