Matsuo House 2: An Awesome House with A Box in Each Privacy Space

Matsuo House 2 7

Constructed in 2020 by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE, Matsuo House 2 is a project of designing a box for each privacy space inside the house. This house is located in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, with 86.80 m2 of its building area size. It has a shared space (LDK space), used to connect the space around the water and the bedroom space.


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The site of this project is a corner of the village with many houses that have been inherited from ancient times. There are a lot of old-fashioned wooden planks lined up in the surrounding area. Each land of the site can be renovated and expanded according to the family occupation and structure.



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For this project, the idea of ​​the “transition” is used and the uses necessary for people’s lives into spaces have been divided. A box (building) for each privacy space such as space around water and bedroom space. The boxes are arranged according to the living conductors of the people.



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Shared space or LDK space is used to connect the bedroom space and the space around the water. There is also a wall designed to block sight from the road. The result is an open space that makes a feeling like being outdoors.

There is a space on the second floor that can be used freely as a private room or a playground. The architect also tries to not create a lot of large openings but to make a large opening toward the north side to take much light.


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