Home Inns Plus: A Hotel with Geometric Facade

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Home Inns Plus got some awesome makeover for its chain space, especially for attracting the young generation with the whole building architecture design. The result, Home Inns Plus becomes an awesome hotel with the geometric facade design from Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc as the owner. This hotel is located 212 Dong Si Bei Da Jie Road, Beijing, China with 2.800 m2 in total large.

Incoherent and Cluttered Facade

Home Inns Plus 1

Home Inns Plus 2

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Home Inns Plus is located in the center of Beijing city. The building is started with the renovation plan by creating an incoherent and cluttered facade. The identical geometric facade becomes the main visual for the whole building architecture.

Green Space

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Home Inns Plus 15

The geometric facade of Home Inns Plus supported by the green space inside the building. This awesome space is located on the ground floor complete with the green plants, the beautiful light, and gravel.


Home Inns Plus 5

The facility of Home Inns Plus is also the best for the customer. The bathroom inside this hotel is designed with a bathtub and a shower complete with the glass door for the shower.


Home Inns Plus 6

Bedroom in Home Inns Plus has the best privacy for all customers. With the elegant interior and the unique shades on the windows, the bedroom is so comfortable and cozy.

Sunken Lobby

Home Inns Plus 7

The sunken lobby is another interesting thing from this hotel building design. This lobby offers the public facility inside the hotel with its wooden floor design.


Home Inns Plus 8

The main element for the building visual is located on the windows. The geometric facade is not stand by itself but it also works together with the windows for the building design.

Reception Area

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Home Inns Plus 14

Home Inns Plus 9

Home Inns Plus has a reception area which is located in an underground courtyard. This area is decorated with a luxury taste of interior design with an elegant table and also beautiful flowers in vases. The wall right in front of the reception area is also designed with green plants to make a natural accent.

Mini Bars

Home Inns Plus 11

The mini bars can be used for the customer as the best place to spend their free time or business uses too. The movable tables and curtains, the space of the mini bar become so flexible.

Work Space

Home Inns Plus 12

As an awesome hotel, Home Inns Plus also offers the best facility with the workspace for the young businessman. The workspace is completed with the desk and other furniture just like in an office.

Elegant Leisure Space

Home Inns Plus 16

Home Inns Plus 13

There is also an awesome space inside Home Inns Plus called an elegant leisure space. In this space, the hotel guests can have a refreshing time above the wooden stairs. The stairs are designed well with the pillows too.

Roof Garden

Home Inns Plus 17

The roof garden of Home Inns Plus offers the guests an awesome view of the Beijing city. The floor is designed with woods just like a home deck. The furniture supports the natural atmosphere around the garden.

Window Shades

Home Inns Plus 18

The window shades can be found at the most windows in this hotel. The window is used to give the light to the hotel interior and the shades allow the guest to control the light intensity.

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