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Transformadora Ciel: A Productive Co-Working Center with A Green Roof

Completed in 2012 by Rojkind Arquitectos and AGENT, Transformadora Ciel is a transformation project of Foro Ciel into a productive co-working center for the activities of the Transformadora Ciel program. The goal is to create a functional co-working space with green areas.

Youth Centre: An Attractive, Two-Storey, D1-Classified Youth Centre with Sustainable Design Principles

Located in West London, Youth Centre is an awesome project by WindsorPatania Architects. It is an attractive, two-storey, D1-classified youth centre with three key aims: sustainable design principles, inspiration from Japanese architecture, and a message for future generations.

Ramsay Tower: Mixing of A Mid-Century Bungalow with A New Contemporary Tower Addition

Designed by Design and Architecture Studio, Ramsay Tower is a project of mixing a “horizontal” mid-century bungalow’s vernacular style with a new “vertical” contemporary tower addition. It is an artist’s studio which is an extension of a 1950’s Ramsay bungalow.

City Hall Deventer: Public Elevations with 2,300 Different Fingerprints

Completed in 2016 by Neutelings Riedijk Architects, City Hall Deventer is a new city hall of Deventer in the Netherlands. It has public elevations that represent the individual profile of 2,300 different fingerprints, comprising a pattern of oak frames with aluminum screens made by Loes ten Anscher.

Laggan Church: Conversion of A Historic Church into A Smart Holiday House

Located in the small village of Laggan, it is a conversion project that has been completed by Sandberg Schoffel Architects and Proudman Constructions as the builder. Laggan Church is a conversion of a historic church into a smart holiday house with contemporary design elements.

Hotel Verde: The Most Eco-Friendly Luxury Property in Tanzania

Located in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Hotel Verde is the most eco-friendly luxury property that was completed in 2017. It is a luxury resort and spa project delivered by Arcedior that assisted Interior Designer JJ Poonawala, Jehan-Ara Poonawala. The custom design and specially created furnishing products are chosen for this hotel interior.