Macau Central Library 2

Macau Central Library: A New Library Building with A Facade Inspired by Former Modernist Design of Hotel

This 15,000 m2 ongoing project offers an awesome library that will provide a forward-thinking platform for influencing its surroundings. This new library building will be located by the Tap Seac square in the historical center of Macau, situated on the site of the former Hotel Estoril. Started in 2020, Macau Central Library is designed by mecanoo with a facade inspired by the former modernist design of the hotel.

Citic Bank Headquarters 1

Citic Bank Headquarters: A High Headquarters with A Diagonally-Braced Structure and A-Frame Canopy

Designed by Foster + Partners for China Citic Bank Hangzhou Branch, this headquarters tower has a prominent location in Hangzhou. Citic Bank Headquarters is 100 meters high with a diagonally-braced structure and also and is characterized by a striking geometric form. There is also a 30-meter-high A-frame canopy at the base of the building that stretches 72 meters across the ground floor for a dramatic entrance experience.

White Pagoda Temple Hutong Courtyard Renovation 21

White Pagoda Temple Hutong Courtyard Renovation: A Traditional Courtyard House Renovation for Homestay

Located in Beijing, China, White Pagoda Temple Hutong Courtyard Renovation is a renovation project of a traditional courtyard house. The goal is to transform an old and shabby courtyard into a desirable courtyard house for homestay. Designed by B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio, this project also turns out this house into a living space that suitable for the contemporary lifestyle of the young generation.

Tos House 6

Tos House: A Three-Story Terraced House Renovation with Bright Wall and Retained Floorings

It only takes 6 months for Office Coastline to complete this renovation project of a three-story terraced house in 2019. Tos House is built in 1920 and located in a historical compound in Shanghai’s Hongkou District, China. The bright wall is designed as a reflector to bring more lights to every room while the existing beam and floorings are also retained.

Stage Of Forest 20

Stage of Forest: A Unique Building with A Sensuous Form and Rough Materiality

With 277㎡ in size, Stage of Forest offers a unique and sensuous form at the edge of the forest next to the ski slope. This building is located in Ji Lin – a northeastern Chinese province – and it sits the hillside with a panoramic view towards the Songhua Lake and mountain range. Designed with rough materiality, META-project tries to stimulate people to come up with more ideas through this viewing platform.