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Center for Global Conservation: A New Building with An Environmentally Conscious Structure

Center for Global Conservation is designed as headquarters for international programs of the Wildlife Conservation Society. It is an organization dedicated to protecting wildlife and places worldwide. The new building activates a dialogue between nature, conservation, and program, built with an environmentally conscious structure. This project is completed by FXCollaborative in 2009.

Alice Tully Hall: A New Public Space with A Shear One-Way Cable Net Glass Facade

This 2009 project is a seemingly simple but also strikingly delicate challenge for FXCollaborative. Located in New York with 80,000 GSF / 7,400 GSM in size, Alice Tully Hall is about opening up a heavy, Brutalist building to the world around it. With a shear one-way cable net glass facade, this building is transformed into an awesome new public space.