Art House & Studio: Natural Local Materials Meet Original Victorian Character

Art House & Studio 1

In collaboration with Eckersley Garden Architecture for this house landscape, Zen Architects has been completed an art-house and studio by retaining its original Victorian character as much as possible. Art House & Studio is located in Brunswick, Australia, featuring natural local materials re-imagined through local craftsmanship and manufacturing.


Art House & Studio 1

Art House & Studio 2

Art House & Studio 3

This project is an exploration of recycling, re-use, and also restoration. Through the use of natural local materials, the result can make this art-house and studio incredible and unique. The first step of the project is to retain the original Victorian character as much as possible.

Art House & Studio 4

Art House & Studio 5

Art House & Studio 6

The Victorian detaili8nmg and the weatherboards are retained externally. The Baltic pine floorboards are also re-used, de-nailed, and lifted, including the architraves, skirting boards, doors, and windows. The ceiling, floor, and walls are insulated while the existing windows are re-glazed to elevate the house to exceed current standards.



Art House & Studio 7

Art House & Studio 8

Art House & Studio 9

In order to install handmade creations, local artisans are engaged, This way also includes tiles, plant shelves, brass fixtures and fittings, joinery, balustrades and shelving, stairs, timber windows, and concrete benches. Some natural, raw materials are finished without or low-toxicity finishes to provide a healthy indoor environment.



Art House & Studio 10

Art House & Studio 11

Art House & Studio 12

Through the material, detailing, and form, the house extension is framed in a contemporary way. The property also features a play on light, volume, and levels when people move through a series of interconnected spaces. The unexpected and playful experience starts from the first floor of the house, internal courtyard to the ground floor sunken lounge, out to the contoured landscape, and across to the artist studio at the rear of the house.


Art House & Studio Gallery


Photographer: Emma Cross

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