New Zealand

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Kotare Drive House: A Modern Two-Storey Home with A Natural Palette of Materials

Kotare Drive House is a two-storey home that has awesome views across the lake to Mount Aspiring National Park. It is a 2019 residential project by Condon Scott Architects located in Wanaka. With a natural palette of materials, this house blends well with its surrounding nature.

Zonnebries: A Gesture to One of the Client’s Family Heritage

Designed by Strachan Group Architects, the name of this project “Zonnebries” describes the house as a climate moderator. In Dutch, the meaning is sun or wind. Located in suburban Auckland’s North Shore, Zonnebries is a long-term home for a growing family and is also a gesture to one of the client’s family heritage.

Reef House: A Family Holiday Home with A Selection of Interesting Textures

The brief of this project is to create a family holiday home for a mother and three adult sons. Reef House is designed by Strachan Group Architects, located in New Zealand with extensive sea views. A selection of interesting textures is desired by the client to complement the art and environment.

Point House: A Holiday Retreat with Large Sliding Doors to Create A Connection with the Landscape

Designed by Strachan Group Architects, Point House is a holiday retreat that sits at the foot of a steep, south-facing, manuka-clad sandbank. Surrounded by awesome nature, the large sliding doors are designed to this house to create a connection between the living environments and the landscape.

Urban Shed: Transformation of A 1920’s Bungalow into A Modern Architectural Home

Located in New Zealand, Urban Shed is a re-invention project of a displaced 1920’s bungalow into a modern, contextual, architectural home. Strachan Group Architects uses principles of sustainable design to provide thermal mass for passive heating while complementary elements are presented by the street facade with varying forms and textures.

Nikau House: A Serene, Quiet Urban Retreat with A Sustainable Design

This project is the first of a newly developed subdivision located in Auckland’s inner-city suburb of Parnell. Nikau House is a serene, quiet urban retreat for the client designed by Strachan Group Architects. The sustainable design in this house is demonstrated in the solar water systems and the garden.

Te Hihi: A Modern House with A Re-Worked Traditional Weatherboard and A Unique Roof

As the winner of the NZIA Local Award in 2016, Te Hihi is a modern house that sits on a beautiful landscape. Designed by Strachan Group Architects,  this house has a traditional weatherboard that has been re-worked to respond to the house’s elongated form. The roof is an all-encompassing wedge form that responds to the tapering landform of the site.

Boat Sheds: A Big House with A Highly Crafted Timber Interior and A Simple Exterior

Strachan Group Architects and Rachael Rush in Association have been completed a residential project in New Zealand called Boat Sheds. This big house has a highly crafted timber interior that contrasts with the simplicity of the exterior form. It also closes and opens in response to shifts in program and weather.