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Transformer Office, Carlton: A New Office Building with A Contemporary Design

The client of Zen Architects in this project is a boutique graphic design and publishing company that tries to re-purpose an existing building for their new offices. Located in Carlton, Transformer Office is designed with a contemporary design to create an enjoyable and creative working environment.

Nest House, Brunswick West: A New Open Plan Living Area and A Mezzanine

Located in West Brunswick, Nest House is a project of a rear addition to an existing double fronted period home. This house is designed by Zen Architects, consists of a mezzanine and a new open plan living area. The result of this awesome project is a compact, interwoven house with an enhancement of the passive solar performance.

Eco House, Fitzroy North: An Eco-Friendly House with The Use of Eco-Friendly Materials

Located in Fitzroy North and designed by Zen Architects, Eco House is designed to respond to the brief of the client for a site that utilized locally produced, sustainability sourced, organic, or recycled materials. It is an eco-friendly house designed with the use of eco-friendly materials and supported by natural ventilation through windows.

Zen House, Jan Juc: A Contemporary Family Home with Radially Sawn Timber Fins

The goal of this project is to create a contemporary family home in Jan Juc, Victoria. Zen House is imbued with the spirit of the existing site, designed by Zen Architects. It was a pre-existing 1970’s beach house was that carefully dismantled. There are also some radially sawn timber fins on the facade of the building.

Up-Cycled Warehouse, Richmond: A Comfortable and Energy-Efficient Family Home

The main goal of the conversion of this 1960’s warehouse is to re-use and retain the existing building as much as possible. Up-Cycled Warehouse is designed by Zen Architects and located in Richmond, United States. This warehouse is transformed into a comfortable and energy-efficient family home.

Autonomous House, Jan Juc: A Self-Sustaining House with An Environmentally Sound and Eco-Friendly Design Principles

This house shows Zen Architects’ commitment to environmentally sound and eco-friendly design principles. Autonomous House is located in Jan Juc, Victoria, proposed by the architect as a house that can harvest its own power and water. The result of this project is a house that is completely self-sustaining.

Trail House, Ashburton: A Contemporary and Environmentally Friendly Home with Natural Materials

It is a contemporary and environmentally friendly home located in Ashburton, New Zealand, that built on gently sloping land in suburban Melbourne. Trail House is designed by Zen Architects to integrate with the inherent natural beauty of the existing site seamlessly. The architect uses natural materials and applies passive solar design principles to create a comfortable home.

Studio House, Northcote: A Flexible, Multi-Purpose Studio for A Growing Family

Zen Architects has been contacted by a client with a request to design an extension to their existing property. Studio House is located in Northcore, designed to accommodate the needs of a growing family. A flexible, multi-purpose studio is designed in response to the client request. The building shape is also arranged to minimize the impacts to the neighbors.

Project Nymph: Renovation and Extension of A Single Fronted Terrace House

It is a renovation and extension project of a single fronted terrace house. Project Nymph is located in the Botanic Gardens precinct of inner Melbourne, designed by Zen Architects based upon the concepts of gathering under a roof and living in a garden. It also features natural materials for its interior and exterior.

Boulevard Beach House: An Elevated Timber Beach House with Inviting and Warm Interiors

This house can evoke fond memory of an elevated timber beach house. Located in Jan Juc, Victoria, Boulevard Beach House is designed by Zen Architects. This house is something entirely new yet surprisingly familiar, designed referencing practical, efficient spaces and simple, elegant forms.