A White Moscow Apartment With Two Bedrooms And A Home Office 23

A White Moscow Apartment with Two Bedrooms and A Home Office

A White Moscow Apartment with Two Bedrooms and A Home Office is a 2020 residential project of an apartment located in Moscow. The requirements of the clients for this 77 sqm apartment are a combined kitchen-living room and a home office which would be transformed into a kids’ room and lots of storage space in the future. All the cabinet furniture in this apartment is designed and manufactured specifically by Alexander Tischler.

A Minimalist Apartment With A Cozy Gathering Space And A Color Splash 39

A Minimalist Apartment with A Cozy Gathering Space and A Color Splash

Alexander Tischler is an international (USA/Russia) design bureau and an RTF Award winner that recently completed a renovation project for a family with a teen daughter. It is a renovation project of a minimalist apartment with a spacious combined kitchen-living room for cozy gatherings as requested by the clients, including a bedroom, a private dressing room, and a master bathroom.

A Modern Apartment With A Glass Home Office For A Bachelor 8

A Modern Apartment with A Glass Home Office for A Bachelor

A modern apartment with a glass home office for a bachelor is an interior design project by Alexander Tischler for a young man who is very interested in music and modern culture. This project is about creating a personalized interior beautified by art objects. Another aim is to find the best place for a home office because the client has a plan to start a Youtube Channel so he needs a place to shoot videos.