Questions You Should Ask a Real Estate Photographer

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Working with the right real estate photographer can help you sell a property quicker and for more cash than would otherwise be achievable.

Of course not all photographers are able to offer the same service quality and value for money, so here is a look at the questions you should ask to find someone worth hiring.

Do they have relevant experience?

Professional photographers who usually handle other projects can occasionally offer their services for real estate snapping, but this does not mean that their existing skills are instantly transferrable.

The real estate photography skills of an experienced professional who has an established track record of capturing structures of all shapes and sizes on camera should be sought out; most importantly, do not assume that an agent with an iPhone or even a pro who has no prior experience can get the same results.

Is their equipment up to scratch?

Following on from the advantages of contracting an experienced real estate photographer, you should also be on the lookout for someone who has the right kit for the task at hand.

A high quality DSLR camera is a basic requirement, but when photographing larger buildings and interiors it is necessary to have extras like wide-angle lenses to squeeze everything into shot.

Do they have a fast turnaround?

The real estate market can move quickly, so you may need to work with a photographer who is not only able to capture compelling images, but also get them edited and uploaded within a tight timeframe.

Whatever your needs, be sure to check with a prospective photographer in advance to see whether they can meet them.

Are they effective communicators?

Whether you are hiring a real estate photographer as an agent, or are looking for one to help sell your own home, you need to know that you can easily get in contact with them when you need to.

A photographer who has a presence on social media, as well as being efficient in their response to email enquiries or communication carried out via their website, will clearly be more desirable than one who seems to be sluggish to get in touch when you fire over a message.

Are they punctual and well-presented?

Professionalism should extend beyond raw skills and costly equipment, since your real estate photographer will likely be interacting with other people outside of your organization, which could of course create a positive or negative impression according to whether they show up on time and how they dress and behave on arrival.

A friendly, amenable manner is obviously advantageous in this context, as is excellent time keeping and a well-turned-out appearance that veers towards the smarter end of the spectrum, if possible.

All of these things can be asked directly or gleaned indirectly from your initial interactions with real estate photographers, so take your time before you commit to signing them up for a project to ensure you are working with the best of the best.

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