Pool House: A Multi-Generational Home with A Modern, Context-Sensitive Development

Pool House 3

Located in Fitzroy North, Zen Architects transform this client’s existing property into a multi-generational home for life. Pool House is designed to provide the family member needs so they could live both now and into the future. A modern, context-sensitive development is done to this house, especially to overcome the shortfalls of older style terrace housing.


Pool House 1

Pool House 2

Pool House 3

In this project, the architect has a unique opportunity to transform the client’s existing property into a multi-generational home for life and also to overcome the shortfalls of older style terrace housing with modern, context-sensitive development. The priority of this project is to bring a lot of lights into the house’s living spaces.



Pool House 4

Pool House 5

Pool House 6

Besides bringing as much light as possible, the architect also connects the living spaces to year-round, usable outdoor space. The generous, open plan living area is elevated to the first floor in order to achieve this, allowing the client to get more access to the awesome views, natural warm light, and also cooling breezes when winter comes.

Pool House 7

Pool House 8

Pool House 9

There is a swimming pool. located adjacent to an existing first-floor terrace area. This area was previously under-utilized. The swimming pool bathing the area in light and also connecting it to the living area seamlessly. The house bedrooms can be found on the ground level, enhancing the thermal stability and privacy. The double car space is positioned off the rear laneway near a new internal entry lobby.



Pool House 10

Pool House 11

Pool House 12

Sensitive use of details and scale in this project allows the house to sit within the awesome surrounding Victorian heritage comfortably. This way is ensuring compatibility with the existing streetscape surrounding, offering a contemporary way of approaching life.


Pool House Gallery


Photographer: Derek Swalwell

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