Head 1818: A Young Family House with Bold Contemporary Lines and Extended Planes

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This young family house is a pure, sculpted object for SAOTA Architecture and Design. Completed in 2012, Head 1818 is located in Cape Town, South Africa, and owned by clients that need a four-bedroom home for their young family. They need a design that has to encapsulate all the qualities of luxury open-plan living and also providing a homely environment. The result is a house with bold contemporary lines and extended planes in its language.

The Site

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The site of this house is practical that has steepness and town planning restrictions which become key initial drivers in determining the parameters available for the design. The property has a narrow proportion that also needs careful consideration of bedroom and privacy. There is also an effort that puts into the capitalizing on views to the rear onto Lions Head across Atlantic Seaboard and Sea Point.



Head 1818 4

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Between the living and bedroom, there is a clear vertical distinction. This young family has young children too so the bedrooms need to be in close proximity to each other and the parents to create a securable ‘family only’ portion of the home. The upper-most level houses a master bedroom with a generous open-plan space inclusive of a dressing area and en suite bathroom.

Head 1818 7

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A timber staircase accesses the entertainment area and primary living area from the entrance. The living areas are designed and arranged to allow a good connection to the pool, covered terrace, and garden. The sliding doors, the ceiling plane, and level changes can define this kind of versatile space.



Head 1818 10

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The house language can reflect the bold contemporary lines and extended planes while the timber introduction has blurred and softened this distinction. The smell and sound of the hardwood timber underfoot ables to set a tone on entering the house on the staircase. Privacy is ensured by the screening elements that become an integral component of the house aesthetic.



Head 1818 Gallery


Photographer: Adam Letch

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