The W.I.N.D. House: A Single-Family House with Comprehensive Home Automation System

The W I N D House 5

This house incorporates home automation and integrated sustainable solutions to enable flexible use of space. Located in the north of Holland, the Netherlands, W.I.N.D. House is a single-family house project by UNStudio. Completed in 2014, this house is also designed with a comprehensive home automation system to enable the integrated control of the electrical systems.


The W I N D House 1

The W I N D House 2

This house sits on the outskirts of a Dutch village and also close to the sea. It is fronted by an open expanse of the polder landscape and backed by a wooded area. The design responds to the seasons and the house setting. The sleeping areas and more intimate working areas are located towards the back where the woods’ enclosure provides an intimate setting. In the living areas, the residents can enjoy stunning views of the landscape.



The W I N D House 3

The W I N D House 4

The open plan living areas have an elevated position that enhances the exterior view. There are four facades and each of them curves towards the inside, creating four distinct petal-like wings. The curvings are connected to each other visually through the view lines that cross the heart of the house. The building also has a vertical organization that follows the centrifugal split-level principle while the open staircase connects the back and front wings.



The W I N D House 5

The comprehensive home automation system can help the residents to control the electrical systems including mechanical installations and solar panels. The complete control is possible thanks to the central touch-screen in the living area while dedicated control per room can be provided by the decentral device. This control is also possible remotely by independent devices via LAN-connection.

The W I N D House 6

The house is also designed with an integrated sustainability concept, including mechanical ventilation with waste heat recovery, a central air/water heat pump, and solar panels. heat gain can be reduced through the use of tinted glass on the glazed back and front facades.


The W.I.N.D. House Gallery


Photographers: Fedde de Weert, Inga Powilleit

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