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Clifton 2A: A Modern House with External Living and Entertaining Functions

With 1 120 m2 in size, Clifton 2A is a modern house located in Clifton, South Africa. Overlooking the beautiful Clifton and Camps Bay beaches, this project has been completed in 2014 by SAOTA Architecture and Design. This house also contains all external living and entertaining functions. The interiors are designed by Janine Lazard Interiors.

La Lucia: A Seaside Retreat with Modern Interiors and Sliding Screen Panels

Completed in 2011 by SAOTA Architecture and Design, La Lucia is a residential project located in Durban, South Africa. It is a delicate seaside retreat that sits on the water’s edge, designed with sliding screen panels to allow the house to cocoon itself. The architect works with ARRCC for its modern interiors.

Invermark: A Modern House Inspired by Two Iconic Modernist Houses

In 1969, Invermark was designed originally for himself by respected South African architect Gilbert Colynand also inspired by two iconic modernist houses: Mies van der Rohe’s 1951 Farnsworth House and Phillip Johnson’s 1949 Glass House. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, this project is completed in 2015 by SAOTA Architecture and Design.

Mosman: A Bold and Modern Home for An Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle

Located in Sydney, Australia, Mosman is a 2015 project by SAOTA Architecture and Design. It is a bold and modern home with 935 m2 in size, designed as a single residential. Together with TKD Architects, this house turns into a comfortable house that is perfect for an indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Head 1818: A Young Family House with Bold Contemporary Lines and Extended Planes

This young family house is a pure, sculpted object for SAOTA Architecture and Design. Completed in 2012, Head 1818 is located in Cape Town, South Africa, and owned by clients that need a four-bedroom home for their young family. They need a design that has to encapsulate all the qualities of luxury open-plan living and also providing a homely environment. The result is a house with bold contemporary lines and extended planes in its language.

Double Bay: A Family Home with Private, Sheltered Spaces and Wide Outlooks

Completed in 2017 by SAOTA Architecture and Design, Double Bay is a family home located in Sydney, Australia. It is a single residential project with 670 m2, overlooking a sheltered bay within Sydney’s world-famous natural harbor. Efficiently, this family home ables to provide private, sheltered spaces for family living with wide outlooks towards the water and beyond.