Casa Boreal: A Modern House for Commercialization with A Compact and Efficient Design

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This house is 167,00 m² and designed for commercialization. Casa Boreal or Boreal House is designed by Nommo Arquitetos, located in a gated community in the north of Curitiba. The investors’ premise is to create a product with good external space and qualitative sunlight, including fulfilling the basic program for a family of four. The result of this awesome project is a compact and efficient design that makes the house comfortable.


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This house sits on an awesome plot that has houses on the boundaries on both sides, eighteen meters deep and seven meters wide. This project’s identity is inspired by the history of the immigrants of the neighborhood. Based on their old house’s iconic design, the architect can get an elegant and cozy volume with an external wooden cladding and gable roof.



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This house has three floors. There is a semi-covered garage for two cars on the ground floor which is the first extrusion of a pure volume, making the house as if it is supported by the side neighbors. Next to this garage, there is a laundry and a sunny patio, getting the warm morning sun and also leaving the backyard free. An open kitchen on the right and a small toilet on the left side can be reached through the front access.

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The staircase can be found in the volume’s lateral, allowing for a social area composed of a barbecue, garden, dining room, living room, and kitchen. This area is fully integrated with totaling 65m². There are two bedrooms and a suite on the second floor while the volume’s second extrusion can create a void that allows good ventilation in the bathrooms. The suite gets morning sun and the best views from the east facade and the two bedrooms have a west facade.

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The last extrusions of the volume cut off the roof in the attic to create a jardinière and a balcony, ensuring the room’s cross ventilation. There is zenith lighting over the stairs that allows warm light to reach the entire floor of the house. This area can be used as a music room, a playroom, home theater, or office.



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There are qualitative elements for the house’s thermal and visual comfort despite the concrete structure, masonry. and conventional construction system. The house roof is made of white sandwich panels with a core of polyurethane foam that can reduce heat absorption while the aluminum frames are designed to take advantage of the visuals, light, and heat inputs.

The autoclaved wood cladding can create a layer of protection and also shade the masonry to balance the thermal variation of the house’s different spaces. A compact and efficient design is the result of this project that can capture the essence of the northern hemisphere architecture. This design also makes use of straight lines and lighting as ket pieces for the house to create cozy interior spaces in both winter and summer.


Casa Boreal Gallery


Photographer: Paula Morais

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