Kofunagi House: A Family House for Enjoying A New Life and Space

Kofunagi House 6

Designed by ALTS DESIGN OFFICE, Kofunagi House is a residential project located in Japan. This house is designed as a family house, divided inside and outside completely. The proposal of this project is to create a comfortable house for enjoying a new life and space inside.


Kofunagi House 1

Kofunagi House 2

Kofunagi House 3

Kofunagi House 4

The change of four seasons becomes a part of life for the Japanese, they live with nature every day. Comfortable wind, natural light, and a lot of plants can add a more comfortable feeling to the house. “Living in woods” is the main theme for this project where one can feel like living in woods in a home.



Kofunagi House 5

Kofunagi House 6

Kofunagi House 7

Kofunagi House 8

Kofunagi House 9

This home is divided outside and inside, connected more gently to allow people to feel the sense of woods and enjoy the change of seasons. This way can soften the family’s heart and grow with the sense of woods. It is a family house where the family can enjoy life comfortably.


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