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Casa Guará: A Great Relationship between the House and Its Gardens

The premises established by customers for Casa Guará in Curitiba are light and heat. Designed by Nommo Arquitetos, this house is completed in 2019 and also built in a 207,20m ² area. The customers are a young couple and their two daughters also have another request: a great relationship between the house and its gardens.

Casa Boreal: A Modern House for Commercialization with A Compact and Efficient Design

This house is 167,00 m² and designed for commercialization. Casa Boreal or Boreal House is designed by Nommo Arquitetos, located in a gated community in the north of Curitiba. The investors’ premise is to create a product with good external space and qualitative sunlight, including fulfilling the basic program for a family of four. The result of this awesome project is a compact and efficient design that makes the house comfortable.