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MF House: A Single-Family Home with Three Specific Premises

Located in a closed neighborhood of City Bell, Argentina, MF House is a single-family home designed by V2 Arquitectos. It sits on a 900 m2 plot with a leafy ash forest. Besides generating for expansion and large visuals, the intention of this project is also to conserve most of the trees in the forest. It is a 2017 project that completed based on three specific premises.

Black House 99: A Single-Family House with the Choice of Noble Materials for Warmer Spaces

Completed in 2019 with 300 m2 in size, Black House 99 is a single-family house designed by V2 Arquitectos. This house is implanted in a closed neighborhood of City Bell, Argentina. In order to provide warmer spaces inside the house, the choice of noble materials is used for this project. These materials also can reduce house maintenance.