Wooster Street Loft: A Full-Floor Penthouse Apartment with Continuous, Open Spaces

Wooster Street Loft 5

Wooster Street Loft is an apartment project designed by WORKac located in SoHo, a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, New York City. It is a full-floor penthouse apartment designed as a sequence of monolithic objects. The design can define the continuous, open spaces between its rooms which is also supported by other elements such as structure and materials.


Wooster Street Loft 1

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The continuous, open spaces are located between the back bedrooms and the front living room. The bathrooms, stairs, and elevator are enclosed between the massive bronze-coated wall of the apartment. This wall also holds the kitchen cabinetry. An impossibly long dining table can be created with a black granite kitchen island and a nine-foot cantilever.

Wooster Street Loft 4

Wooster Street Loft 5

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The extremely light steel stair is in contrast with the heaviness of the island, ascended to the roof deck of the apartment. A plywood box clad in acoustic panels can be found behind, separating the media zone from the bedroom. This box can double as a bookshelf and closet.



Wooster Street Loft 7

Wooster Street Loft 8

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The ceiling slopes down toward the center area across the entire length of the apartment. This ceiling is punctured by a beautiful skylight. There is also a new private roof deck that teak with an outdoor shower and a green roof “garden”, provide another comfortable area in this apartment to relax.


Wooster Street Loft

Wooster Street Loft 10

Wooster Street Loft 11

Photographer: Adam Friedberg

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