Homestead “Avatar”: Modern Homestead with Modern Solutions Surrounded by Lakes and Forest

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Designed by Devyni Architektai, Homestead “Avatar” is a 2020 project located in Onuškis, Lithuania. It is a project for an individual who wants to find his inner self and escape from the city. Surrounded by lakes and forests, it is possible to take a moment to connect and listen to nature in this homestead. Modern solutions are chosen to complete the interior design.


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The buildings are spread across the existing terrain and surrounded by forest and lakes. The sauna, house of grandparents, outdoor kitchen, and the main house are connected with curved paths. These paths form a local network for living. The buildings’ formation also gives a big opportunity to live outdoors.



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Thinking about each detail for this project, the process of the building is slow and without any hurry to respect to the surrounding nature. Roof shingles and natural larch facades also begin to change the shade during the process of construction and merging well into the natural context.

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All buildings look as they belong here even before the interiors are done during the process of the project. In order to complete the interior, modern solutions are chosen. Earthly tones, stone, plaster, and natural wood are connections among the buildings. There are also no eccentric details.



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The buildings are designs with many things based on the need to feel comfortable in nature. The architecture also allows everyone to become themselves even in a short while. The place becomes a perfect place too to have a balanced connection with the beautiful surrounding nature.



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Photographer: Leonas Garbaciauskas

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