Villa Benthuizen: An Introvert Character of A Family House with Simple Main Shape

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Designed for a young venturous family, Villa Benthuizen is a family house on a large plot in the heart of Benthuizen, the Netherlands. Completed in 2017, Arjen Reas Architecten designs this house as an oasis with an introvert character and simplicity in its main shape. The house location is very green and unique, hidden public road and surrounded by existing buildings.


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This house is developed as a comfortable oasis for the family with a connection between a green garden and daily life. Inside the house, the architect designs it with as many open connections as possible while the outside area is integrated into a green location by the house shape and materials. The simplicity of the house main shape is strengthened with an extended shape where the architect has placed the dining area and entrance.



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The house roof embraces and continues this house as a veranda. The thatch is the main material used for the house main shape that looks like a warm blanket over the house and runs down from the rooftop vertically. Beside the thatch, the architect also uses black wood with an open ventilated structure. Both materials can provide a perfect integration and a natural contrast to the house in its context.



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Some different spaces for different parts of the program are created on the ground floor of the house that can make contact by open connections. A separated TV/playroom and main living area are also created to provide space for the family without bothering each other activity. There are multiple bathrooms and bedrooms on the first floor, connected in the corridor with the living area downstairs via a custom slide and staircase.


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