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Mao Khe House: Red Brick Walls of House with Layers of Green Trees and Vegetation

Located in Mao Khe, Vietnam, Mao Khe House sits in a growing area of ​​urban and economic construction of Quang Ninh province. HGGA Architecture Office pays much attention to creating a house with a fresh atmosphere and close to nature. Completed in 2019, the result is a house with red brick walls, many layers of green trees and vegetation.

My Dinh Plaza: An Open and Minimalistic Space with Movable Partitions

Completed in 2019 by HGGA Architecture Office, My Dinh Plaza is an apartment project for a young couple with one child. This apartment is located in My Dinh, Tu Liem, Ha Noi, Vietnam with 78 m2 in size of the total area. The architect agrees to create an open and minimalistic space and movable partitions to replace the solid walls.

Ninh Binh House: A Coarse, Minimalistic Expression with Minimize Unnecessary Decorations

Ninh Binh House has a coarse, minimalistic expression by minimizing all unnecessary decorations. This house is located in Dinh Tien Hoang, Ninh Binh City, NB, Vietnam with 300 m2 in size of its usable area. Designed by HGGA Architecture Office and completed in 2018, this house offers the most basic needs of living space needed for its residents.

Glass Block: Renovation of An Apartment Space to Create A Light-Filled Atmosphere

Finished in July 2019, Glass Block is a renovation project of apartment space in Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam. HGGA Architecture Office tries to create an empty, pure, light-filled atmosphere in this apartment space so the people can explore themselves and focus on nature. The total area of this project is 72 m2.

Thuy Khue House: A Healthy Living Space with Light Tones of Interior

Located in a crowded residential area in Hanoi, Vietnam, this house makes the living environment frustrating here with high construction density. With 300 m2 of the total area, Thuy Khue House sits deep in a narrow alley with a design created by HGGA Architecture Office. The result of this completed project is a house with a healthy living space and light tones of its interior.