Office And House 6

Office and House: A Combination of Working Space and Living Space with A Color Highlight

Located in Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, this project is a combination of working space and living space. Office and House becomes a solution for many people with a small budget living in Ho Chi Minh City. As this city develops, the land becomes more expensive. For the interior, Story Architecture uses yellow as the highlight on the gray and white background.

Connect House 18

Connect House: A Connection between People to People, People to Nature, and People to Their Own Self

Completed in 2018 by Story Architecture, Connect House is a residential project located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This house is designed to pull people from their connection through images and videos on social websites to real communication which is easy and happy. It is a project where people can connect to people, to nature, and to their own self.

Nhà Nghị Thu 13

Nhà Nghị Thu: A Small House with Bright Interiors and A Lot of Greeneries

Located in Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, this small house is designed for a young couple who just gave birth to a baby. Nhà Nghị Thu is a residential project completed in 2020 by Story Architecture. Besides the natural elements such as wood and greenery, this house is also beautified with the traditional cultural details, materials, and colors of the ancestral architecture.

Mom Apron House 2

Mom Apron House: A Cost-Effective Home for Supporting Family Care

The main focus of this awesome project is to create a solution by designing a cost-effective home for supporting family care, especially for mothers who experience depression after giving birth. Mom Apron House is designed by Story Architecture, located in Tinh Dong Nai, Vietnam. This house consists of a couple and two young children with the best arrangement of its spaces to create peace of mind.