Outer Space for Kids: A Place for Kids to Have Fun in Japanese Style Space with Simple Interior Design

Outer Space For Kids 13

The inspiration to create a simple interior design of Outer Space for Kids comes from an idea to provide a place for kids to have fun. They can run, play, and also study in a cozy atmosphere. With a touch of Japanese style, HAO DESIGN also can add an elegant to every space in this awesome house.


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The simple interior of this project is designed with numerous details, especially to show the typical Japanese style. The Japanese characteristics can be seen on the kitchen island with a moon lamp above it. The main area has pillows and rug, providing a warm feeling for the kids when they have fun on the floor.



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Besides the moon lamp, Outer Space for Kids also has a vivid cabinet that can display a lot of adorable toys. The shelf looks dramatic with the colorful pouf that looks same as logs and stone in the forest. Kids can have a full play time and space with their imagination by moving the movable blackboard.



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HAO DESIGN uses metal, wood, and concrete to make a simple interior design in this house. This simple interior looks elegant and also clean to be seen. All details also can bring a unique, humorous, and fresh feature to all spaces.



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Outer Space For Kids 11

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The furniture has the same simple design with the interior. The wooden shelves on the wall is a good storage to keep the kid’s toys. The grey kitchen island has a double function as a cooking and dining table with a lovely wooden bench and chairs.



Outer Space For Kids 13

Outer Space For Kids 14

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The place for kids to run, play, and have fun surely needs some touches of bright colors. The vivid cabinet can bring that fun atmosphere into the house. There is also a long blackboard on the shelf for the kids to draw their imagination and adding some colors to it.

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