Casa Kwantes 9

Casa Kwantes: A Residential Villa with A Wall of 1930s Brickwork

Located in Rotterdam, MVRDV architects designed the Casa Kwantes as a residential villa that represents 1930s Dutch architecture with its brickwork. With 480 m² in size, this residence can give its residents the privacy they desire and at the same time opens up the house towards the garden and daylight. It is a private home that also has a distinct night-daytime separation.

Villa Stardust 5

Villa Stardust: A Mediterranean Look and Feel with An Extra Outdoor Chamber

The main program of this project is creating an awesome interior for an existing dwelling located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Designed by MVRDV and Fokke Moerel, Villa Stardust has interior living spaces inspired by a Moroccan riad. There is also a central patio used as an extra outdoor chamber while the Mediterranean look and feel come from the used materials and color palette.