Living On The Edge 9

Living on the Edge: Traditional Ideals Meet A Contemporary House Design with Fine Texture of the Thatch

A magnificent view of the landscape is provided for the residents in each room of the house. During the days, the room is lightened by the warm lights and it also can give a dynamic character. At night, the house radiates this light to the surroundings and marking the house position in the landscape. All the modern comforts are integrated into the main living space with a beautiful open kitchen.

House Akerdijk 17

House Akerdijk: A Dyke House with A Black Wooden Ventilated Façade and Two Large Projecting Glass

The ground floor of the house is built as a split level with a TV room and an office on the dyke level. Through the wide staircase, the residents can reach the sitting area with the kitchen easily with the awesome view of the deep back garden and adjoining terrace. There are two kid’s rooms. a large master bedroom with a stunning view and two bathrooms can be found on the first floor of the house.

Villa Benthuizen 18

Villa Benthuizen: An Introvert Character of A Family House with Simple Main Shape

The house roof embraces and continues this house as a veranda. The thatch is the main material used for the house main shape that looks like a warm blanket over the house and runs down from the rooftop vertically. Beside the thatch, the architect also uses black wood with an open ventilated structure. Both materials can provide a perfect integration and a natural contrast to the house in its context.

Villa Out Of The Box 18

Villa Out of the Box: A Rustic and Robust Building with A Contemporary Interpretation of the Rural Surroundings

The design of this villa is made as a well-tailored suit the house adapts to the needs of its inhabitants effortlessly. It is above all a home, a perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine at the large kitchen island, sunbathing on one of the terraces, or relaxing in front of the fireplace. Villa Out of the Box is a home in which to enjoy life.