M Apartment: Elegant Interior Design of Apartment with the Feeling of Openness by the View

M Apartment 2

M Apartment is a modern living place located in Tel Aviv. It is a 2017 project interior designed by Keren Offner Design. With 13 square-meter of the balcony, this apartment is beautified with an elegant interior design with the feeling of openness by the view based on the owner’s desire. M Apartment is located in a new building, the eight floor that overlooks the urban landscape of Tel Aviv.


M Apartment 1

M Apartment 2

The interior of M Apartment is elegant with white color as the main background. The design is created according to the plan, enhancing the feeling of openness that produced by the view of the Jaffa, sea, and also Tel Aviv’s singular pink-roofed urban landscape. The owner can have a comfortable living place with an awesome view.



M Apartment 3

M Apartment 4

Through the large glass window, the awesome view of Tel Aviv urban landscape can be seen so clearly. The plan is not only about creating an open feeling but also allowing that awesome view to come inside the apartment. It can flow freely into the elegant interior of the apartment and offer more comfortable atmosphere naturally.



M Apartment 5

M Apartment 6

All of the functional areas in M Apartment are connected by a central line that crosses to the entire space. Without any screens or walls, those areas are connected along the open space. This kind of way can give the owner all things needed in every functional area, especially for the living activities in daily life.



M Apartment 7

M Apartment 8

The master bedroom is designed also with a sense of space which is open and large, This room allows the apartment owner to have a view of the entire length of the room. Inside this bedroom, the bathroom is designed with an elegant door and a white sink in the middle of the bedroom space.

M Apartment 9

M Apartment 10

M Apartment 11

The free-standing island in the master bedroom has white sinks, becoming a bedroom highlight to strengthen the elegant interior in this room. The same way is also done to the main space of the apartment with the living room and dining area. The large white shelf becomes a room highlight that can make the interior looks more interesting.

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