E Penthouse: A Large Apartment with Modern Interior and A Library in the Middle of the Public Space

E Penthouse 16

E Penthouse has a 125 square-meter rooftop terrace and also a library in the middle of its public space. The design is made by the architect from Keren Offner Design and completed in August 2011. Located in Rishon Le’zion, the modern interior is designed and applied to the entire space of the apartment, including the rooftop terrace.


E Penthouse 1

E Penthouse 2

The modern interior design is used to reflect the personal interests and tastes of the owner. This reflection is also shown through the library, filled with the owner extensive book collection. For the rooftop terrace, Keren Offner Design tries to create a modern interior which is comfortable and amazing with the surrounding view.



E Penthouse 3

E Penthouse 4

E Penthouse is located in a recently built apartment building, the 10th floor of the building. This building is a new neighborhood located in Rishon Lezion, Tel Aviv. E Penthouse becomes one of the best apartments in the city that should be chosen as a living place, especially in the urban area of the apartment site.



E Penthouse 5

E Penthouse 6

The library is placed in the middle of the public area, overlooking the living and dining area. The bookshelf of this library is extended to the entrance and the residential wing of the apartment. This large space can be a perfect space inside the apartment to relax while reading some awesome books from the bookshelf.


Roof Terrace

E Penthouse 7

E Penthouse 8

The library in the middle of the public space is not the only interesting thing from E Penthouse. This apartment also has a beautiful roof terrace which is designed in an amazing way. When the interior of the apartment is designed in a modern style, the roof terrace is also designed in a modern style but more simple and comfortable.

E Penthouse 9

E Penthouse 10

This terrace becomes an inseparable part of the apartment. It is covered by green trees and climbing vines that can add continuity and size to the apartment. The sense of open space in this roof terrace is created by the large living-room windows, allowing the stunning urban landscape can be seen easily.


E Penthouse

E Penthouse 11

E Penthouse 12

E Penthouse 13

E Penthouse 14

E Penthouse 15

E Penthouse 16

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