Martin Friedrich Architects

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Bolton Avenue Hampton: A Modern Single House with A Grand Porte-Cochere

The visitors of this house are welcomed by a grand Porte-Cochere that supported by projecting stone columns. Bolton Avenue Hampton is a modern single house designed by Martin Friedrich Architects. This house is 740 m2 in size, offering a strong experience starts from the entrance to the main spaces inside.

Gould Street Brighton: A Single House with A Full-Height Stone Feature Wall

Designed by Martin Friedrich Architects, Gould Street Brighton is a single house located in Brighton. With 417 m2 in size, this house has a full-height stone feature wall that frames its imposing double storey entry. It is also a large house that has a lift to access all levels from the garage up to the roof deck.

Cosham Street Brighton: A Young Family House with Curved Walls of Reinforced Concrete

Located in Brighton, United Kingdom, this single house is designed for a young family who wants to have a playful and full-of-life living place. Cosham Street Brighton is 458 m2 in size with curved walls of reinforced concrete that frame the building. This project has been nominated at the 12th Annual Bayside Built Environment Awards for the Most Creative Design.

Cluden Street, Brighton East: A Single Home with Large Glazed Openings and Modern Lines

Located at Brighton East, Australia, this single home is designed by Martin Friedrich Architects. Cluden Street, Brighton East is 420 m2 in size with clean modern lines and also large glazed openings, creating a seamless connection to the outdoor or indoor areas of the house.

Canggu House: A Minimalist Modern with Reinterpreted Traditional Features

Located in Bali with 557 m2 in size, Canggu House is a minimalist modern house designed by Martin Friedrich Architects. Bali now is associated with exciting luxurious Western Architecture with pleasing Balinese touches, not traditional timber shacks anymore. Through this house, traditional features can be reinterpreted throughout.