Tranby Residence: A Classic Annex Style Home with Modern and Distinct Design Approach

Tranby Residence 3

The exterior and interior of Tranby Residence are virtually intact. This classic Annex style home is a semi-detached house located on Tranby Avenue. The design is full of borrowing elements from Richardson Romanesque and also brick. The design process of Tranby Residence is done carefully because it is a jewel that needs a good renovation and restoration.


Tranby Residence 2

There are an original Birds of Tranby stained glass window over the front door. It was a gift for every house on the block area. From the distance, you can see the beautiful brick of this house with the staircases too. The windows and doors are framed with a classic black frame.



Tranby Residence 3

A young team of developers initiates a renovation of this house. They want to build a well-designed portfolio with high quality and also creative projects. The careful renovation is designed with modern home elements.



Tranby Residence 7

Tranby Residence 4

Every detail is saved and protected, including the metal floor grilles, a paneled living room pocket door, the figural stair railing, and also plaster moldings. The stained glass of the house front is still original but it needs a reparation too. The original decorative hardware is also reinstalled and cleaned.



Tranby Residence 1

Tranby Residence 8

The design approach is used to create a distinct and modern style. The grey stain on the oak millwork is cleaned to serve a walkway to the kitchen area. The original kitchen has been removed and it is replaced with space with light filled. It opens to the original dining area and also the yard.



Tranby Residence 5

Tranby Residence 6

The strong aspect of this Tranby Residence can be found through the modern and traditional style in it. With the dwindling supply of historical properties, the city can keep this historical house well with the idea of a project that can last for another 100 years.

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