Node Living: A Collection of Co-Living Spaces with Industrial Interior Design and Finer Details

Node Living 8

Node Living is located in some various locations: New York and Dublin. Soon, these co-living spaces will be also opened in Los Angeles, London, and further across the States and Europe. Designed with industrial interior and finer details, DesignAgency tries to deliver a space with its own characteristics into each location.


Node Living 1

Node Living 2

All of the co-living spaces collection of Node Living are designed with a fully furnished. In New York, Node Living has an industrial interior design located in a 1900s building. This building also has a loft apartment feel, custom leaded copper mansard, and also a bold architecture design which is very strong and clear.



Node Living 3

Node Living 4

All of the developments of Node Living is designed by DesignAgency as the lead architect. They add a unique style into each co-living space that can represent finer details. These details are made based on the characteristic of a local neighborhood and City around the building, adding more interesting look into each space.



Node Living 5

Node Living 6

Each of co-living space is designed with a loft apartment feel, especially that located in New York. All rooms are designed with a simple industrial interior with unique details on the wall. The architect also uses some different materials to bring a more varied look into the rooms, creating an attractive place to live with.



Node Living 7

Node Living 8

The industrial interior design in Node Living is developed by using some different materials such as brick, wood, and concrete. The wood material is used to design almost the whole area of the space floor. This material is also used to design exterior area combined with the concrete. Those materials can create a more natural look of the industrial style of New York.

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