White Apartment: White Surface of Modern Interior Design with Mezzanine in An Apartment

White Apartment 5

Ieva Prunskaite completed the modern interior design for this apartment in 2018. It is called White Apartment because of its beautiful white surface combined with other natural elements. This apartment is not only interesting with its color surface but also with the minimalist mezzanine in it, connected with a small staircase.


White Apartment 12

White Apartment 11

White Apartment 10

The color element is one of the most important things to describe an interior design in a building, including the modern interior design in this apartment. The white surface on the wall, staircase, doors, and even the furniture can bring a natural look which is more simple and elegant.



White Apartment 9

White Apartment 8

White Apartment 7

White Apartment is a not-too-big apartment, that’s why it is perfect to design a mezzanine as a bedroom area for the residents. The staircase is placed at the corner of the main room while the kitchen and small bathroom are located below the mezzanine. In the living room, there are two sloping windows that can bring more natural light into the room.



White Apartment 6

White Apartment 5

White Apartment 4

The mezzanine is only used as a bedroom space. Other spaces like the kitchen, bathroom, dining, and living area are sharing one main space on the lower floor. Both mezzanine and the main space below it is designed with the same wooden floor, creating warmer space with the beautiful color pattern from the wood.



White Apartment 3

White Apartment 2

White Apartment 1

The mezzanine space has a comfortable bed designed in blue. At the corner, there is a small desk with a chair and a big white wardrobe. While in the bathroom, the floor and the one part of the wall is designed with concrete. The tiles are used to beautify the bathtub and wall near it. In order to match the natural look of other rooms, the sink table, mirror frame, and the bathtub base are made from the same wood material.

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