Lakeshore View House: A Flow of Formal and Informal Interconnected Spaces

Lakeshore View House 2

Designed by SCDA Architects, Lakeshore View House defines its sloping site’s potential using a composition of volumes. Located in Singapore, this house can address the brief of the owner and also creating a flow of formal and informal interconnected spaces at the same time.


Lakeshore View House 1

Lakeshore View House 2

Lakeshore View House 3

This house is fit within its site’s contours, viewed modestly from arrival to create a sense of expectation upon approach. There is also a series of terraced water courts that unifies the house space through the heart area of the building on the central axis.

Lakeshore View House 4

Lakeshore View House 5

Lakeshore View House 6

This series of terraced water courts flow down through stepped landscaping from a quiet reflective pond on the upper levels to drop to the poolside level further. In this poolside level, a stunning viewing deck lines the cantilevered acrylic edged swimming pool’s length beautifully.


Lakeshore View House Gallery


Photography: SCDA Architects

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