K54 Apartment: A Stylish Apartment Designed with Black-White and Modern Interior

K54 Apartment 3

With its modern interior and architecture, K54 Apartment is one of the best living places in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. DA bureau beautifies this apartment interior in black and white, offering a very stylish and modern interior. The clean and silky visual design through some modern interior elements can create a different experience of living in the middle of a busy city.


K54 Apartment 1
K54 Apartment 2

The wall is a combination of white and black paint. The floor is warm with wood material, providing a warm atmosphere when winter comes. With fewer details and decoration, this apartment has a simple design of a modern interior but is still comfortable to be used together with all types of furniture inside it.


K54 Apartment 3
K54 Apartment 4

In the kitchen, there is a wooden island with wine storage. The bar stools come in a round shape and black color, the same color as the interesting lamps above the island. Each of the three lamps has a different shape. The dining area is filled with a combination of a black table, black bench, and black chairs.


K54 Apartment 5
K54 Apartment 6

The use of black and white is also applied to the bathroom of K54 Apartment. In this room, the walls are designed with black bricks and concrete. The white accent can be seen from the bathtub, double sink, shower, and also the ceiling. The elegant style is added to the glass door of the bathroom shower.


K54 Apartment 7
K54 Apartment 8

Besides concrete and brick, the teak is also used to design the modern interior inside the bathroom. Some pieces of teak are placed on the edge of the bathtub and sink. This teak is also used to design the table of the sink. This wood material has a beautiful natural color which is perfect with a black and white of modern interior.


K54 Apartment 9
K54 Apartment 10

There are no much details designed by the architect in K54 Apartment. They just want to create a modern interior with a plain color of black and white. Even though the interior doesn’t have a lot of details, the simple style with materials and proper furniture are enough to create a comfortable feeling in this apartment.

K54 Apartment

K54 Apartment 11
K54 Apartment 12
K54 Apartment 13

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