Hammersmith House: A Light-Filled Townhouse with Concrete Block Wall

Hammersmith House 5

Robertson Design has an awesome residential project called Hammersmith House. This house sits on an end lot that gives some unique opportunities. Its concrete block wall breaks down its brutal form while the kitchen becomes the house’s most important space.


Hammersmith House 3

Hammersmith House 5

Hammersmith House 8

A certain percentage of the small site is left open as a courtyard space due to the deed restrictions. There is also an open area on the large street side facade to relieve the simple form and to capture more light and bring it into the house as well.



Hammersmith House 9

Hammersmith House 10

Hammersmith House 11

The 8×8 concrete block wall’s articulation is an effort to break down the brutal form. The triple height space of the kitchen is covered with a large skylight, highlighting the kitchen as the most important space of the house.



Hammersmith House 12

Hammersmith House 13

Hammersmith House 14

Hammersmith House 15

In this project, the client did an amazing job as a builder. It was his first time building but his job was completely awesome considering the building’s complexity. The result of this project is a light-filled house with a stylish kitchen interior and textured walls.


Hammersmith House Gallery

Photographer: Jack Thompson

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