Widely Open Eyes: Contemporary Interior of A House with Amazing Wide Open View

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With an awesome design of contemporary interior from Ieva Prunskaite, this house becomes the most comfortable house in Vilnius. It is a 2018 project with an amazing open view of Vilnius city. The interesting things are not only the contemporary interior design but also the materials, patterns, and the balcony area with a jacuzzi.


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The contemporary interior is designed with a little bit darker atmosphere. The architect not only combines the different materials but also the colors. It is a big house with a high ceiling and also a large mezzanine. Some various patterns are also created to make a different contemporary interior with other houses.



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The main area of the house is filled up with a lot of stylish furniture, especially in the dining area and kitchen. The big lamps above the dining area become a focal point to beautify the room, as same as the white bird accessories above the long kitchen island. From this kitchen and dining area, the owner can enjoy the amazing views outside through the glass door.



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Entering the bedroom, there are a lot of interesting things inside. The wardrobe and oval sink come in the same black color, while the bed and the curtains also come in the same dark blue color. Decoration with irregular patterns can be found near the black bathtub and the ceiling above the bed. Go inside the master bathroom, the owner will be welcomed with white surface of the sink, floor, wall, and bathtub.



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Besides the public rooms in the main area, there is also a beautiful bedroom for the children. In this bedroom, the soft color of pink, blue, and purple are merged into one. The wall-mounted desk is extended from the corner of the room to the end of the room. The bunk bed and wardrobe are placed next to each other.



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The balcony of this house is extended to one of the bedrooms. From this balcony, an amazing, large open view is easy to be seen. The balcony is not only filled up with furniture but also designed with a black wooden deck and a comfortable jacuzzi. When the weather is friendly, this balcony becomes a perfect place for the owner to relax.

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