Musician’s House: A Container House with A Unique Architectural Design

Musician’s House 1

It is a special container house designed by Coates Design Seattle Architects for a musician and music teacher. Located in Bainbridge Island, WA, Musician’s House is built with a unique architectural design to provide a special place for the client’s baby grand piano.


Musician’s House 1

Musician’s House 2

Musician’s House 3

The idea of this project comes from the couple’s interest in a container house made of real containers. The architect responds to this couple’s enthusiasm with a unique design approach to create a unique architectural design.



Musician’s House 4

Musician’s House 5

Musician’s House 6

Through an architectural lens, the idea of this project is researched to find a “sweet spot” to utilize containers in the best way without too many alterations and take the advantage of the containers’ natural structural integrity.

Forcing the containers into a different role with significant alterations is the alternative. There is a lot of considerable research spent on this project, especially to get a cost-effective solution to traditional wood framing.



Musician’s House 7

Musician’s House 8

Musician’s House 9

The interiors of real containers are cramped so the stacks are purposely widened but the plan still can reflect the project’s idea, accentuated with industrial corrugated metal. There is a custom-designed spot for the baby grand piano to fill this house with music.


  • Natural ventilation and daylighting
  • Shipping container materials
  • Double-height living and dining space
  • Residential remodel


Musician’s House Gallery

Photographer: David W Cohen

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