House 24: A Tropical Home with A V-Shaped Patio for Entertainment

House 24 4

Located in Singapore, House 24 is defined as a massing comprising two blocks. It is a tropical home designed by Park+Associates Architects for a client with a wish to live in a home with a tropical locality reflection. A V-shaped patio on the first floor becomes the main place for entertainment.


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The site of this house is a triangular plot that becomes a challenge taken by the architect as an opportunity to engage with the planning and sitting of the house. It is also about achieving a meaningful footprint to actualize the privacy, functional, and spatial requirement of the client. Near the site is a lushly landscaped state land.



House 24 4

House 24 5

House 24 6

In the design process, this house is turned away by the architect from the neighboring houses and the main road. The living spaces are designed to open out to the mature greenery beyond.

This house consists of a massing comprising two blocks that defines a V-shaped patio when combined. This patio is located on the first floor and it becomes the focal point for entertainment and daily activities. The client also can enjoy the awesome views of the surrounding greenery from this patio.

Facing the street, the courtyard screen is an exploration to create a sequential and layered experience, This courtyard is also an exercise to rethink the residential dwellings’ conventional entry sequence. The client also can experience the transition between the private and public in this house.



House 24 7

House 24 8

This project also offers an opportunity to explore the use of timber craftsmanship more in contemporary architecture. With a modern aesthetic and detailing, the screen is envisioned as a well-crafted element. It acts as a refined and rhythmic facade that draws everyone’s attention to its delicate scale.

This house offers a fun play of a delightful pattern of light and shadow every day. By allowing sunlight and natural air in, a relaxing ambiance that reinforces the client’s wish to live in a home that reflects its surrounding tropical can be created.


House 24 Gallery

Photographer: Edward Hendricks

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