Seaview Escape House: A Shoreline Home with An Open-Concept Area

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Seaview Escape House and Island Retreat are sibling homes designed by Coates Design Seattle Architects. With 2800 square feet in size, Seaview Escape offers a cozy shoreline home with an open-concept area to allow one to have a connection to the outdoors.


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Seaview Escape is a 2-bedroom Pacific Northwest-style house that sits on a steep-sloped site. The open-concept living, dining, and kitchen area in this house is open to the outdoors directly with a corner bi-fold door system.

The private and public spaces inside are divided by a stone-mass wall that also encloses the powder room, support areas, and stairs. Pendant light fixtures in the kitchen are one of many nature-inspired elements that are reminiscent of wood-grained tile and shells in the master bathroom.


Sibling Homes

Seaview Escape House 6

Seaview Escape House 7

Seaview Escape House 8

Seaview Escape House 9

Seaview Escape House 10

The family of the client owned the hillside waterfront property since the 1950s. This property had two parcels that were used as a 1920s cabin and a mid-century home. The two siblings who acquire the property want the homes redeveloped.

The two homes are just 50 feet apart so the siblings hope they can use the homes for family gatherings. In order to minimize damage on the steep slope, the existing site topography is maintained and the homes are built right on the existing footprint.



Seaview Escape House 11

Seaview Escape House 12

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Seaview Escape House 14

Seaview Escape House 15

Both two homes have a material palette of stone, concrete, wood, and metal that complement each other. This material palette is also used to define the subtle differences in the personal tastes of the siblings.

The two homes utilize a stone-mass wall as well to define the private spaces. A cantilevered green roof provides the best place for one to enjoy a unique overlook from above.


Seaview Escape House Gallery

Photographer: Lara Swimmer

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