7 Guest Room Inspirations that Makes Them Comfortable During Their Stay

Casey Key Guest House 5

In order to make your guests feel comfortable during their stay, you need to provide a quiet place to relax. By transforming your guest room into a welcoming getaway oasis, they will come back to visit for sure. Here are 7 guest room inspirations to inspire you more.

1. Strelein Warehouse by Ian Moore Architects

Strelein Warehouse 5

It is a transformation project of the late 19th-century former grocery warehouse into a 2 level, one-bedroom residence by Ian Moore Architects. Strelein Warehouse has an awesome bedroom design that can be your guest room inspiration. The use of dark color (black) to highlight the room is very attractive.

Photographer: Iain D MacKenzie


2. LM Guest House by Desai Chia Architecture

LM Guest House 5

It is a 2,000 SF guest house surrounded by unobstructed views of the beautiful landscape. Designed by Desai Chia Architecture, LM Guest House has an awesome guest room inspiration dominated by wood as the main material. The glass wall can invite the beautiful landscape into the room.

Photographer: Paul Warchol


3. RaeRae House by Austin Maynard Architects

RaeRae House 5

You can use the inspiration of the bedroom in RaeRae House as your guest room inspiration to makeover your guest room. Designed by Austin Maynard Architects, the use of different colors that comes from the bed and the rug can invite visitors to come over and stay.

Photographers: Peter Bennetts, Stephanie Rooney, Austin Maynard Architects


4. New Chalet 5.0 by YOD Designed Lab

Chalet 5.0 Verholy Relax Park 7

It is a combination of a guest house with SPA under one roof designed by YOD Designed Lab. New Chalet 5.0 has a guest room inspiration for you to make your guests feel more comfortable. Besides the bedroom, there is also a big bathroom complete with two sinks and a shower.

Photographer: Andriy Bezuglov


5. Casey Key Guest House by Sweet Sparkman Architects

Casey Key Guest House 5

This guest house is designed by Sweet Sparkman Architects, located on a barrier island along Sarasota Bay. Casey Key Guest House has a simple guest room inspiration where a small program and carefully chosen materials are used to provide a unique guest house in the middle of a beautiful site.

Photography: Sweet Sparkman Architects


6. Gladstone Hotel Room by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

Gladstone Hotel Room 9

Designed by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design, Gladstone Hotel Room has a comfortable guest room that can be used as your guest room inspiration. It shows you that a guest room can make the guests feel comfortable when the room also has a desk and a chair so they can work during their visit.

Photography: Dubbeldam Architecture + Design


7. Hale Punanue

Hale Punanue 6

Located in Hawaii, Hale Punanue becomes one of the best places to stay during the holiday. It is a beach house that has a comfortable bed and also a skylight. This skylight lets the warm sunlight comes into the room and make the guests can enjoy the view of the beautiful sky.

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