10 Creative Ideas to Redecorate your Kid’s Bedroom

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 8

Each kid has their own character and it is usually represented in their bedrooms. You may also need to redecorate your kid’s bedroom as their taste or hobbies often change. If you need more inspiration, here are 10 creative ideas to redecorate your kid’s bedroom.

1. Paddock House by Archterra Architects

Paddock House 2

Designed by Archterra Architects, Paddock House is a family house located in Australia. The creative idea in its kid’s bedroom is about adding a bedroom space just like creating a mezzanine that used to put the bed. Below, there is a wall-mounted table that can be used for studying.

Photography: Archterra Architects


2. The Nutcracker by HAO DESIGN

The Nutcracker 8

Nutcracker is a home with an awesome space designed by HAO DESIGN for a young couple and their young daughter. The creative idea in the kid’s bedroom of this house is about designing the top area of the room as a playground while the bed is placed below it.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


3. Casa Setúbal by João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos

Casa Setúbal 6

If you need a more simple idea to redecorate your kid’s bedroom, you can try this one. Casa Setúbal is a modern house designed by João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos. It has a bright kid’s bedroom that is highlighted in white (white wall and ceiling). The bed comes in two different colors: yellow and grey.

Photographer: FG+SG


4. Mountain Cottage by Basic Projects

Mountain Cottage 8

Love a traditional interior? Then try this one creative idea. The kid’s bedroom in Mountain Cottage is designed in a simple traditional interior. Designed by Basic Projects, this kid’s bedroom has two beds and a traditional wooden table placed between them.

Photography: Basic Projects


5. House in Gulbinai by Ieva Prunskaite and Egle Prunskiene from Pusta

House In Gulbinai 6

Designed by Ieva Prunskaite and Egle Prunskiene from Pusta, House in Gulbinai has a colorful kid’s bedroom which is very inviting. Decorated in a white surface, the creative idea in this kid’s bedroom is about using other bright colors to highlight the interior. A world map image is also used to decor the wall.

Photographer: Darius Gumbrevicius


6. Dom Tarn Gory by Widawscy Studio

Dom Tarn Gory 5

The colorful atmosphere in Dom Tarn Gory can be seen in its kid’s bedroom. Designed by Widawscy Studio, the creative idea of the kid’s bedroom in this house is about decorating the white surface of the room with different bright colors like yellow, pink, and green.



7. Bondi Junction House by Alexander & CO

Bondi Junction House 3

Designed for a large young family, Bondi Junction House offers a comfortable minimalist interior. For the kid’s bedroom in this house, Alexander & CO tries to create a simple decoration. There is only a small bed, a small wooden chair, and toy storage that is placed inside the room.

Photography: Alexander & CO


8. Upper West Side Apartment by 1100 Architect

Upper West Side Apartment 6

Renovated by 1100 Architect twice, Upper West Side Apartment has a fun kid’s bedroom where the kid can write or draw everything they want on the wall. The creative idea in this kid’s bedroom is about creating a blackboard on the room’s wall so the kid can explore their imagination more.

Photographer: 1100 Architect


9. East Williamsburg Rowhouse by Alexandra Barker

East Williamsburg Rowhouse 8

Designed by Alexandra Barker, a green polka dot on the bed in the kid’s bedroom of East Williamsburg Rowhouse becomes the main highlight. In order to complete the decoration, wall decor with the same color theme is also put on the wall while a part of the room’s wall is painted in bright blue.

Photographer: Francis Dzikowski/OTTO


10. AADX Apartment by WORKac

AADX Apartment 7

WORKac decorates the kid’s bedroom in AADX Apartment by using beautiful wall photo frames. This project becomes a great opportunity for the architect to play with colors and arts more, including in the kid’s bedroom. A round colorful rug us also added to create a more colorful vibe.

Photographer: Bruce Damonte

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