10 Stylish And Elevated Modern Family Rooms with Welcoming Setting

Katsura House 2

Modern design is identic with clean lines, minimalism, a monochromatic color palette, and also natural materials. You can use this design for your family room and transform it into a comfortable room for all of your family members.

Here are 10 stylish and elevated modern family rooms that we have been gathered to inspire you.

1. Eigent House by Fabian Tan Architect

Eigent House 12

Clean lines and natural materials can be seen in the family room in Eigent House. Designed by Fabian Tan Architect, this modern family room is dominated in white to create a bright atmosphere. The wood elements come from the furniture and the kitchen island.

Photography: Ceavs Chua


2. Mcleod House by Ian Moore Architects

Mcleod House 4

Designed by Ian Moore Architects, the modern family room in Mcleod House is all about creating a spacious space as comfortable as possible. Facing the awesome view, this family room is simple with modern furniture and a warm grey rug.

Photographer: Daniel Mayne


3. Katsura House by Yukawa Design Lab

Katsura House 19

The modern family room in Katsura House is not only inviting but also warm. Designed by Yukawa Design Lab, this room is dominated by wood elements that can be seen on its furniture. Wood is a natural material that is also used to design this room floor.

Photography: Yukawa Design Lab


4. Black House 99 by V2 Arquitectos

Black House 99 4

Just like its name, Black House 99 is dominated in dark color. This awesome house is designed by V2 Arquitectos and it has a modern family room that offers a strong character with its dark color. The dark elements can be seen on the room’s furniture such as chairs and a sofa and also the room wall paint.

PhotographerAlejandro Peral


5. Secret Garden House by Wallflower Architects

Secret Garden House 20

Designed by Wallflower Architects, Secret Garden House has a modern family room that is warm and also simple. The main color in this room is brown that comes from the furniture and even the rug on the floor. Surrounded by a white surface, this family room is very inviting for everyone to relax.

Photography: Wallflower Architects


6. Ottiqa House by Fabian Tan Architect

Ottiqa House 18

Designed by Fabian Tan Architect, the modern family room in Ottiqa House is designed with bright tones and clean lines. The walls and ceilings are painted in white while the space is beautified by the earthy tones from the furniture (grey sofa, blue chairs, a wooden table).

Photographer: Ceavs Chua


7. Shooting Star by Blaze Makoid Architecture

Shooting Star 17

The modern family room in Shooting Star is big. Designed by Blaze Makoid Architecture, this room also has a high ceiling which is good for air circulation. This room is completed with a lot of comfortable furniture, including a side table and a console table.

Photographer: Paul Dyer

8. Sapire Residence by Abramson Architects

Sapire Residence 3

If you love to enjoy the view outside your house, you can take some inspiration from a modern family room from Sapire Residence. Designed by Abramson Architects, this room is warm with wood materials that also give earthy tones. The room is also completed with furniture with earthy tones as well (grey chairs, white sofa, wooden table).

Photography: Abramson Architects


9. Casper Residence by Abramson Architects

Casper Residence 1

If you love to add clean lines to your family room, then you can take some inspiration from a modern family room in Casper Residence. This residence is designed by Abramson Architects, offering a warm color that comes from the sofa, chairs, and rug. You can also put a piano to play and sing together with your family.

Photographer: Jim Bartsch


10. Bargour Residence by Condon Scott Architects

Bargour Residence 4

Clean lines and natural materials are combined to create a modern family room in Bargour Residence. Designed by Condon Scott Architects, natural materials such as wood and stone are used to beautify the family room. Through the sliding glass door, one can enjoy the outside view from inside the room.

Photographer: Simon Larkin

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