Casey Key Guest House: A “House in the Trees” Inspired by Character of the Live Oak

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Casey Key is a guest house with a mature oak hammock on a barrier island along Sarasota Bay. This guest residence has a structure inspired by the character of the live oaks. Sweet Sparkman Architects tries to design this house as “house in the trees” based on the owner request. With a small program and carefully chosen materials, Casey Key becomes a unique guest house in the middle of a beautiful site.



Casey Key Guest House 2

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The structure is shaped by the prevailing coastal winds from the west area of the site. This unique structure is inspired by the character of live oaks and with a “house in the trees” design, the entire part of this house can be used as a perfect place to stay within an amazing site. The design is also made to show the organic architecture that also inspired by the site.



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Casey Key Guest House 5

Casey Key Guest House 6

The loft, kitchenette, living area, bath, and one bedroom are parts of the small program in designing this guests house. Those spaces are organized to create privacy between the neighboring property to the north, provide awesome broad views of the oak hammock to the south and west, and the intercoastal waterway too.



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The curved glulam pine beams are anchored to the elevated concrete slab of the house base, covering the entire space and also reflect the quality of the live oak limbs. The architect also uses shiplap cypress siding to clade the walls on both exterior and interior area between the glulam beams. Those materials are chosen carefully to match the house design concept.

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