9 Awesome Small Restroom Decorating Ideas

Amoreiras House II 5

It is possible to make your small restroom as the most lovely room in your house by choosing a perfect small restroom decorating idea. Despite its small size, there are many things that can be used to decor this private room such as tiles for the wall, using mirrors, put some plants, and arranging baskets to create more extra storage. We have gathered some awesome restroom decorating ideas below. Hope these will inspire you more.

1. Sidónio Pais II Apartment by João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos

Sidónio Pais II Apartment 11

The renovation of the Sidónio Pais II Apartment offers interesting interior design, including in its restroom. The small restroom decorating idea in this apartment is about bringing a simple decoration on the floor through the use of patterned tiles. The pattern is not only decorative but also highlighting the interior of this room.


2. Clayton St by Mork Ulnes Architects

Clayton St 6

For a contemporary life, the restroom in Clayton St offers a warm atmosphere through its simple decoration. The small restroom decorating idea for this flat is done by using simple wooden storage with a white sink on top. For more elegant looks, a glass shower door and a big mirror are added into this room.


3. Amoreiras House II by Joao Tiago Aguiar Architects

Amoreiras House II 5

It is a three-story house with a spaciousness feeling. Even the restroom of Amoreiras House II is small, this spaciousness feeling still can be created by decorating it in a simple way. This small restroom decorating idea uses a combination of two colors (grey and white) with an elegant mirror and one big lighting.


4. The Aluminum Cabin by Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects

The Aluminum Cabin 1

A small window in the restroom of the Aluminum Cabin offers a visible stunning view that can be seen easily. It is a small restroom decorating idea that combines the use of aluminum materials with different colors and materials besides taking advantage of the surrounding view by designing the small window.


5. Laurel Hills Residence by Assembledge+

Laurel Hills Residence 1

The small restroom in Laurel Hills Residence has a strong presence with its dark surface. The small restroom decorating idea in this project offers a black interior with simple decoration using a vase of flowers, a mirror, and small lighting. The dark surface comes from the use of patterned black tiles for the floor and wall.


6. 20th St by Mork Ulnes Architects

20th St 12

This modern residence has a little bit more spaces in its restroom that are possible for the architect to put a bathtub. 20th St uses a simple small restroom decorating idea by arranging the bathtub and the storage. The use of different materials for the wall and floor also can create a decorative style for this room interior.


7. Portixol House by PMA Studio

Portixol House 23

The small restroom decorating idea in Portixol House uses beautiful patterned tiles for the floor and the shower area. These tiles are combined with pure white styles that come from the sink and toilet. The mirror and glass door shower adds a more elegant accent to this room.

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