Gladstone Hotel Room: A Permanent Installation of Hotel Room with A Contemporary Architectural and Complementary Material

Gladstone Hotel Room 11

In order to maintain the restored Victorian shell, a permanent installation has been done to the historic Gladstone Hotel. The design of hotel room 411 Offset is made by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design by inserting a complementary material palette and contemporary architectural. Located in on trendy Queen St. W, this hotel turns into a unique place to stay with its hotel room in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Gladstone Hotel Room 1

Gladstone Hotel Room 2

Gladstone Hotel Room 3

The installation in the Gladstone Hotel room is used as a cross-section to the building primary planes: floor, ceiling, and walls. It is also represented in architectural expressions of two “wrapping”, an organizational device for the hotel room programmatic requirements that can meet all needs of the hotel.



Gladstone Hotel Room 4

Gladstone Hotel Room 5

Gladstone Hotel Room 6

The skeletal construction element defines the room framework and wraps the area around the space vertically. This element also supports the desk surface, side tables, and floating bed place and create a room within a room in a sense. Each room in this hotel can provide a comfortable and cozy feeling with this element.

Gladstone Hotel Room 13

Gladstone Hotel Room 14

Each new element in this hotel room has a relationship to the hotel room physical parameters, including from the lighting to the furniture and mirrors in the room. The bed cover and even the bin of garbage can be a part of the main element that reflects a physical measure of the room itself, adding more functional details to serve each guest.



Gladstone Hotel Room 7

Gladstone Hotel Room 8

Gladstone Hotel Room 9

There is also another plan made by the architect that wrapping the room walls horizontally with a continuous strip of light form, combining three components of separate lighting. Those components are general room, bedside, and task lighting. The light band can take a 13″ high solid infill panel from its datum within the historic windows. It can replace the lost light in the hotel with artificial light.



Gladstone Hotel Room 10

Gladstone Hotel Room 11

Gladstone Hotel Room 12

The lighting design that made also allows a diffuse, soft light during the day, permitting the artificial light to work together with the natural light. These lightings become an atmospheric and architectural element in every room space of the hotel. The room becomes brighter and also fresh complete with the white furniture too.

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