5 Modern Farmhouse Designs to Inspire Your Next Remodel Project

Los Altos New Residence 29

The characteristics of modern design are earthy tones, sleek surfaces, clean lines, and a minimalist aesthetic. This kind of design is suitable to be used for various types of homes, including a farmhouse. We have been gathered 5 modern farmhouse designs to inspire your next model project, check them out.

1. Modern Farmhouse by Alloy Homes

Modern Farmhouse 2

Designed by Alloy Homes, Modern Farmhouse is a 2019 project that has an awesome relationship between the building and its surroundings. This project is a modern farmhouse design inspired by simple lines and humble materials of the adjacent working ranch.

Photography: Alloy Homes


2. Farm House by Archterra Architects

Farm House 12

It is a modern Australian farmhouse designed by Archterra Architects. Farm House has a modern farmhouse design with two divided parts with pitched roofs and timber cladding that make the house looks like a traditional barn.

Photography: Archterra Architects


3. House A, Dornbirn (AT) by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten

House A Dornbirn (AT) 2

Located on a mountain meadow above Dornbirn, House A, Dornbirn (AT) is designed in glass and wood by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten. This house has a modern farmhouse design that combined with traditional style and is built in hybrid construction.

Photographer: Bruno Klomfar


4. Sommarhus Sandby by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

Sommarhus Sandby 4

The modern design in Sommarhus Sandby can inspire you to create a modern design for your farmhouse. This house is a 2017 project completed by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur where minimalist and earthy tones dominate the house interior.

Photography: Johan Sundberg Arkitektur


5. Los Altos New Residence by Outer Space Landscape Architects and Klopf Architecture

Los Altos New Residence 29

You can also get some inspiration and ideas to create your own modern farmhouse design by taking a look at Los Altos New Residence. Completed by Klopf Architecture, this modern new residence has an awesome modern design with clean lines and earthy tones.

Photographer: Mariko Reed

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