10 Contemporary Outdoor Furniture

West Willow Glen 1

Your house’s outdoor area will be not completed at all without furniture. By placing outdoor furniture in your backyard or patio, you can have an additional comfortable area to enjoy the beautiful landscape around the house.

We have collected 10 contemporary outdoor furniture that can inspire you. Check them out!

1. House MV by Didoné Comacchio Architects

House MV 12

Designed by Didoné Comacchio Architects, House MV is a residential project completed in 2017. This project comes with a modern interior and an outdoor living area requested by the customer. The contemporary outdoor furniture in this project is simple: a white table and four white chairs.

Photography: Didoné Comacchio Architects


2. House on Great Pond by Berg Design Architecture

House On Great Pond 2

It is an awesome house with new construction and a seamless indoor and outdoor as well. Designed by, Berg Design Architecture, House on Great Pond has a comfortable balcony that is completed with contemporary outdoor furniture made from wood.

Photography: Berg Design Architecture


3. Moscow Evenings by Kerimov Architect

Moscow Evenings 15

It is a beautiful country house designed by Kerimov Architects. Moscow Evenings has an awesome interior design with a combination of textures, colors, and materials. This combination also can be found on its verandah where there is contemporary outdoor furniture (three chairs and one table).

Photographer: Sergey Ananiev


4. MC House by escapefromsofa

MC House 10

This summer house is designed by escapefromsofa with a modern and minimalist interior. MC House also has a comfortable outdoor area with amazing views of the sea and hill. This area is completed with contemporary outdoor furniture with two sofas and two tables so one can sit and enjoy the view.

Photography: escapefromsofa


5. Loft RLO by ME Arquitetura


Located in Brazil, Loft RLO is designed by ME Arquitetura as a pavilion. Without any separation between the indoors and outdoors, this house can provide a comfortable place to enjoy the surrounding nature. Facing a swimming pool, the contemporary outdoor furniture in this house is also simple: two chairs with a small round table.

Photographer: Haruo Mikami


6. West Willow Glen by Assembledge+

West Willow Glen 1

Completed by Assembledge+, West Willow Glen is an additional home located in California. This house has a large pool and a large pool deck as well. On this pool deck, the contemporary outdoor furniture that consists of outdoor chairs and an outdoor table can complete the whole design of this house.

Photography: Assembledge+


7. Portixol House by PMA Studio

Portixol House 2

It is a traditional rowhouse renovated by PMA Studio. Portixol House has an outdoor area which is a small outdoor nook. Getting a lot of warm sunlight during the day, this area is completed with a wooden table that has the same color theme as its surroundings.

Photographer: Pernilla Danielsson


8. Tribeca Loft by Andrew Franz Architect

Tribeca Loft 17

Designed by Andrew Franz Architect, Tribeca Loft is an awesome house that has a green rooftop. This rooftop is not only completed with plants and flowers but also comfortable outdoor furniture: chairs, small sofas, and a small wooden table.

Photographer: Albert Vecerka / Esto


9. High Desert Residence by Hacker Architects

High Desert Residence 3

Designed as a weekend escape, High Desert Residence is a contemporary house designed by Hacker Architects. This house also uses contemporary outdoor furniture for its outdoor area. The furniture is placed around a fire pit so one can still feel warm.

Photography: Hacker Architects


10. SKYLINE by Blue Truck Studio


Simple contemporary outdoor furniture with two chairs and one table in SKYLINE can be found on its green roof. Designed by Blue Truck Studio, this green area is used as an additional area for the family to relax, contributing to energy conservation as well.

Photography: Blue Truck Studio

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