Moscow Evenings: An Awesome Interior Design of A Country House

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Located in the villa community “Moscow Evenings“, it is a project of a country house’s interior design developed by Kerimov Architects. Inside, the combination of materials, colors, and textures can create an awesome appearance with a luxurious atmosphere.


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The living room is the heart of this house with complex geometry as its characteristic. This character is dictated by the contrast of materials and the architecture of the house. The TV area is beautified with original stone slab Petra with an uneven edge that emphasizes the material’s natural origin.

The dining and living areas and the ceiling are separated by a De Castelli oak veneer wall. Some diverse materials that used for this house are joined by a dark graphite-colored rack with glass niches for storing dinnerware sets and some decor items.



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Designed by the architect, there is a spectacular laconic squat Minotti sofa on the background of the graphite rack. There is also a massive Piet Boon armchair with an ottoman in a delicate pistachio shade that can bring a bright accent.

With a thin structure and together with tall David Groppi linear floor lamps, De Castelli coffee tables can balance the interior visually. By using the neutral Jan Kath carpet, the whole complex interior composition of this house can be united well.




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A multifunctional space with a bar, kitchen, dining, and breakfast area is located adjacent to the living room. A Bonaldo dining table with a solid wood top and criss-cross metal base is used to form the dining area, along with unique monochrome Cassina chairs upholstered in coffee-colored leather. A Terzani light pendant lamp with many metal discs is added to decorate the dining group interior.

The functional space of this house is out of sight of the guests due to the kitchen which is recessed into a niche. The kitchen area also has been increased due to the built-in wardrobes and the work area, located along with the window. The breakfast and bar area can be found between the dining area and kitchen.



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With awesome windows facing the garden, the master bedroom in this house is decorated by a natural motive. In the sleeping area, the floor and wall are faced with warm walnut wood. There are also the lightweight Bocci pendant lights that appear like calla flowers and the wicker shade of the chandelier that is reminiscent of the nests’ structure.

Reflecting the surroundings awesomely, the mirrors also can enlarge the space visually. The architect also chooses the Flou bed and the armchair as Cassina for the bedroom while other pieces of furniture are designed according to the sketches of the architect.

The natural motif in the first guest of this house continues in a wooden headboard with an awesome vertical texture. There is also a large wall panel with a landscape, a wood-lined wall in a niche as a workspace, an original low table with a tabletop in the form of a log tree, and a chandelier In Es Art Design in the form of a huge ball that looks like a full moon.

The second guest room is softened by warm ocher accents and dominated by cold shaded gray.


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There are two bathrooms in this house that are designed with different characters. The first bathroom has a contrasting texture and is decorated with mirrors. The second bathroom offers a warmer appearance that comes from the introduction of natural elements, wood-like porcelain stoneware, and delicate shades of sand.

On the terrace, a lounge area can be used by the owners to relax in summer or enjoy the awesome view. Outdoor furniture for the house outdoor area is chosen in the most neutral tones.


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Photographer: Sergey Ananiev

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