House on Great Pond: New Construction with Seamless Indoor and Outdoor

House On Great Pond 3

House on Great Pond is located at Southold, New York and it is completed in 2011. This house has a new construction, especially with the seamless indoor and outdoor. House on Great Pond has a great view. By the creativity of BergDesign, this house becomes an awesome house for single-family residence. With the new construction design, the view of the landscape around it can be seen clearly.

Living Room

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house on Great Pond has a beautiful living room. This room is designed with a high ceiling and also a big clear glass wall. The fireplace is located in the middle of the room cabinet. The dining area is located right next to the living room and a small kitchen can be seen at the corner of the room.


House Deck

House On Great Pond 2

The house deck is located on the second floor of the house. From this deck, you can enjoy the view of Long Island. The complete furniture makes this deck is a perfect area to have a night dinner with your family and friends.



House On Great Pond 3

The entry area of the house is surrounded by white sand. There is a small stair before you enter the house. house on Great Pond does have a simple view of the exterior but the house design makes it looks so special than another house.


Expansive Glazing

House On Great Pond 4

The expansive glazing allows you to see the panoramic views around the pound. You can see it clearly from the living room or dining area. With the comfortable interior design and awesome view, it will give you a good moment with family too.



House On Great Pond 5

BergDesign tries to reuse the existing foundation of this house and make a new construction of it. It makes much easier to rebuild this house again. The architecture design of house on Great Pond has been repaired with the best layout idea from the architect.

Via bergdesignarchitecture

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